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About Don Laackman

I am the president of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. I am interested in the role of higher ed to help students lead meaningfully better lives and pursue successful careers.

December Update

As we head to the December break, I wanted to share updates of recent developments at the College. Gaming and Careers A group of our 2013 Game major graduates were in town for a wedding of one of their classmates a few weeks ago, and they visited the College to see what is going on. […]

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February Update

To Members of the Champlain Family: In addition to bringing Vermont’s most significant snowfall in recent memory, the last month has been a busy one for the College. Here is what has been going in the last month: Traditional Undergraduate Enrollment While the overall recruitment cycle remains uncertain with early and prior year FAFSA and […]

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Fall Update

We are back from the Thanksgiving break and our students, staff and faculty heading into the last two weeks of class before finals. Here is what has been going on since my last update to you: Enrollment Due to federal changes related to the FAFSA,  families may now apply for financial aid much earlier in […]

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Fall Updates

To Friends of Champlain College: We are finally enjoying a cool snap in the morning, and our students are making the transition from cargo shorts and flip flops to pullovers and hiking boots. Here is what has been going on since my last update: Opening Weekend I began move-in day on August 26 for our […]

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April Is Not the Cruelest Month at Champlain

One of the best parts about being Champlain’s president is the opportunity to meet with students, alumni and employers and hear about their Champlain experiences. While April is always a busy month at Champlain, recent events were particularly meaningful for me. They demonstrate the breadth of the Champlain experience and the difference we are making […]

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Spring Update

My posts since joining Champlain College have been less frequent than in the past. I recognized that I needed a different voice for the blog, but I have struggled to find it. I have talked to many people about what the president’s blog at Champlain should mean, including a visit to Professor Tim Brookes’ publishing class last […]

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